A NUTmaste Monday

I was planning my first blog post to be about malas, yoga or meditation, however mother nature surprised me with something I just had to share! 


I have been watching a squirrel for the past 5 months travel up and down the tree out side my window (close to this deck area). I would often watch in amazement, as it traveled swiftly through the tree with ease, often times with twigs in the mouth. Arlo (my dog) would always  (if seen) make it known when they were close. 
Monday, April 10 2017 
Yesterday a wild thing happened, while Jill and I worked on malas at the Shanti Collective Studio (aka my living room), a few construction workers were fixing our building gutters - no this is not the wild thing- wait for it..We over heard some manly eft-bombs, paired with what sounded like baby animals in distress. 


The guys working on our condo opened the 3rd floor deck to discover, 7 baby squirrels tumbling out on top on them! ( and we think Mondays are bad with a normal alarm clock..talk about a rude awaking for these little babes!) At first the construction guys thought they were rats, so they started to kick them off the scaffolding on to the lawn. This is when our maternal instincts kicked in.

We both jumped up and probably sounded like a crazy people to these construction men- "don't hurt the baby squirrels!!”. At that moment, they stopped and realized they were not in fact rats and quickly started to help (they really should have not thrown them if they were baby rats either - but I digress). 


At this point, we frantically ran around my house to find a box, and some scraps of cloth to put them in. We collected a whole 7 little babes, they were so perfect and cute. Pet squirrel anyone? (no, seriously I tried…Pete said no). 


We chatted with SPCA who were very helpful. They told us to cover the babies up with dirt (or any of the remaining nest) and to not touch them as much a possible. We did this and to keep them warm placed a hot water bottle under the box - they sat perched in the box, at my window ledge for about 4 hours - and no sign of the mama squirrel.
She Came Back! 
It was about 4:45pm and I was going to take them the local animal hospital so they could get the proper care…and low and behold the mama was sitting in the tree just watching the babies. I knew at this point she wanted to get to them but couldn’t get to them on the ledge  (or it was too close me). She and I tried to work something out…at first I put nuts all around the box…she came close, but not quite. Then she went to the roof of the building and would stair down at them…and finally she went to grass at the base of the tree (asking me to bring them down- please). I happily obliged…and well the rest is caught on video. Each baby was safely brought to a second nest (in the mothers mouth!) - which was amazingly across our street and down the block- not an easy feet! 
Jill and I are both due to be married this summer and so naturally have been chatting about babies and what it takes to be a mother. This black mama squirrel really  put things into perspective and also made us marvel at the wonders of motherhood- regardless of species. 

Nutmaste, the nut in me, honours the nut in you.

P.S we just couldn't resist...