Spring, is that you? Spring rituals to create space this spring!

Beauty is in Bloom 

For most of us (I speak for the west coasters) spring is in full bloom! My itchy eyes and sniffles will agree. I still have to surrender to gratitude, - allergies and all - that I live in such a beautiful place, I know for many of you, you are still covered under layers of snow. Fear not, spring always does come, I have a personal ritual that may lift your spirits.

Each spring brings light and anticipation for the warm glorious summer days we all dream so much about. Spring is a time we can start anew.  Any way you look at it, spring cleaning is a great time to clear out anything that is no longer serving you so you can make way for new ideas, perspectives, intentions, and desires.

Below I’ve outlined some rituals, my Spring Clearing Ceremony + a new mediation for the season.

  1. Go out a purchase or better yet if you can forage some local spring flowers or favourite greenery. * if you are foraging make sure you are doing this in a place where this allowed. When you are foraging, it is always lovely to pick mindfully, with intention - thanking the land and plant for the beauty and gift they offer. 
  2. Use of some Palo Santo.
  3. Stones to use (all or any): Rose Quartz (love), Clear Quartz (master healer + clarity), Selenite (light infuser) and Moonstone (new beginnings).
  4. Grab your favourite Tarot deck or better yet, go to you your local Tarot Reader and get a reading done for the season. My favorite deck and the one I’ll be using is The Wild Unknown Tarot
  5. Your favourite Shanti Collective Mala. We can reset its intention for your new season. If you already have an intention set and are still working on it, that’s great too! You can re-energize it with that intention.


Once you have any or all of the items above you can lay them out beautifully in any way that makes you feel good. You can do this in a peaceful place in your home, outside on the beach or if you have a warm sunny spot on a deck. Wherever you are make sure you can connect to your inner self, without any chatter of distractions.

After you lay everything out. Sit with the space and connect to how you are feeling in the moment. Notice any tension in the body, breath into it. Take 3 deep breaths now. Inhaling through your nose, exhaling through your mouth with a sigh.

Second, light your Palo Santo. You will need a lighter for this. Light the end until it catches flame and have it burn for about 5-10 seconds. You can then blow it out so you are left with the fragrant smoke. This smoke is what is deeply cleansing, wave it over your mala, your stones, and even your body. Breathe in the essence of this sacred wood lightly. Try to release all grasping of thoughts, if you need something to focus on repeat, “with this season, brings new light”.

Third, grab your mala. Hold it in your hands. Bring it to your heart and bow to its power. While you sit there, read the Meditation below out loud or in your mind. Once you are done, if you want to infuse any more intentions or new goals/ inspiration into this mala, do that now.


How to pull a reading

 Grab your Tarot deck. Start to shuffle. While you shuffle repeat whats written below out loud or in your mind.

“ I ask these cards to show me things I may have forgotten, may these cards act as calling cards to the universe to show me ways to help or open my mind to new possibilities. May this reading represent the new season of spring".

Whenever you feel done, Split into 3 piles. Then, in what ever order you feel combine them back into one pile again. Draw your reading  The first card (left) is the past of winter (what you have gone through), middle card is the present (start of spring) and the last (right) is the future- what is to come for this new season”.

When you are done, open your eyes and sit in the wisdom of this reading. Allow yourself to soak up the beauty all around you and inside you.

I hope this has helped create space and openness for this new season. My next blog post will be talking about 5 ways to make space for spring - yes, let's clear out the literal junk in our lives! It always feels SO good!

Happy Spring my loves!