The Making of the Archetypes of a Spiritual Wanderer

The term ‘archetype’ comes from the Greek ‘archetypos,’ or, ‘of the first mold.’ An archetype represents an original pattern or model. This common, collected set of ideas acts as a blueprint for concepts that may follow in its footsteps. 

I often find myself daydreaming about the stories I hear whilst making custom orders these past few years. I’m grateful for each one. They sometimes start in an unexpected conversation, sometimes as I open my email for the day. The thing I’ve started to notice is how the details change, but so often the things we want most seem to overlap from scenario to scenario. I start to wrap them together around my pen as I write down some of these shared experiences; 

There’s the one about the triathlete who wants to be more grounded, stronger even, as she trains her heart out. I think of her as I hold lava stone, and picture the ocean, brash and unyielding. There’s the one about the man who isn’t quite sure why or how meditation works, but he just knows it makes him feel happier and more connected whenever he tries it. We talk at length about counting the stones, repeating the mantras. For him, I know rough rudraksha and aventurine is just the right combination. And there’s the one about the sister who wants to find something to help heal her best friend’s broken heart. I make them special strands of my favourite rose quartz, thinking about my own sisters and how much I love them too.

I love these stories the most. I love how similar we are on the inside. Our guts get tied in knots, we feel lost half the time, and some days we just crave a little hope. Or peace. Or love.

It only made sense that I could share some of these blueprints with the Shanti Collective. I’ve curated five different archetypes, each embodying some of these stories that have been shared with me. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a loved one, these archetypes will help you navigate the talismans you find on this site and find the perfect gift with intention.

The 5 different archetypes are:
The Adventurer, The Spiritual Seeker, The Lover, The Mover, and The Mindful Man. 

Shanti Collective Mala Collections | Spiritual Archetypes

The archetypes are designed to guide and inspire you. First, choose who you are shopping for. Then choose the amount you would like to spend. Each price category will offer you something different, with options for you to pick from. Within each price option, there’s an included complimentary aid that matches your archetype’s special qualities.  

Love boldly, and celebrate often.

Special thanks to Carly Greene Hill for her magical way with words, you can find her work here