What Are Mala Beads?


Simply stated, mala beads are a set of beads (108 to be specific) that have traditionally been used in prayer and meditation. Often called prayer beads, anyone can wear these beautiful pieces. 

Malas came into my life about 10 years ago and they sparked something in me that I didn’t know at the time would inspire a big shift in momentum. They inspired me to create beautiful tools to inspire a more mindful way of living. So thats where i’ll start, at the Mala Necklace, where it all started for me.

First is the word Mala, in Sanskrit is literally means garland or wreath- in other words something to lay over your neck - just that simple. They are a tool used to count prayer or mantras  similar to rosary and seen in many other religious practices. The best part about malas is you don’t have to be religious or have any spiritual practice. I believe you can simply wear them as a reminder of an intention you’ve set. You can also wear them if you are seeking a calmer mind, body and spirit. 

                                                    Traditionally Malas have been used for years for meditation and as a divine connection Shiva (one of three main deities in hinduism). The Rudraksha seed is actually named after him, RUDRA breaks down to mean tears and AKSHA is another form of the word - Shiva. So the story goes that Shiva was crying tears of compassion for humanity, his tears fell to earth in and crystallized into trees that grew the rudraksha seed.                       


Rudraksha beads are known to have a very long life, they are often passed down through many generations. I met a family in India who had one special Rudraksha passed down for over 7 generations!

Rudraksha beads come in many sizes from 3mm to 50mm with the smallest (we use on our bracelets) being the rarest .They categorized by the facets or devisions they have known as ‘mukhas’. For our Malas we generally use five Mukhas, which is the most sought after and the closest connection to Shiva. 

Now, these seeds are turned into beads, as they will no longer grow anything at the state they are in when you receive them. They are known to harness many grounding qualities and to calm the body on a sublet healing level. They raise our vibration so we can tap into clarity and a more mindful sate. I was personally drawn to their calming qualities and tactile nature, especially while meditating. For me I was drawn to the roughness of these little beads. They gave my hands something to hold, while my mind was able to tap into the magical world of mantra and the harmonious vibration that it offers. 

Om Shanti