• Karma Bracelet | Single
  • Karma Bracelet | Single

Karma Bracelet | Single


Karma is a sanskrit word that relates to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Wear this bracelet as a reminder that we are connected to everything that we do. Help it remind you to do all things with mindfulness and love. 




Turquoise is known as the master healer. It has been highly regarded for its protective and good-luck-charm properties. Turquoise is a stone of communication that helps you to speak your truth, from the highest source of love.


Attracts subtle vibrations, promotes tranquility + bring clear perspective.


Each bracelet is made of a durable stretchy string that is perfect for taking on and off, yet comfortable to wear while flowing through a yoga series. These are perfect additions to stack with other single or double wrap bracelets

This bracelet is handmade with love from Victoria B.C. Canada.