• Rollin' With My OMies Necklace | Onyx + Om Pendant
  • Rollin' With My OMies Necklace | Onyx + Om Pendant
  • Om Pendant Mala Necklace | Onyx + Rudraksha Beads

Rollin' With My OMies Necklace


Roll with your hOMies, friends or tribe in style. This necklace can be paired with a mala or worn on its own.

The little end OM Sterling Silver pendant is a reminder of the universe. It is a Sanskrit "word" that you will often hear in a yoga class that represents all things. It is known to be the seed sound of creation, just as an acorn seed has the immense power and beauty of a mighty oak tree. This seemingly small word contains all the power of the universe. It is the beginning, middle and the end of it all or the past, present and future.

Chanting Om brings your awareness to the physical reality of this world and your body. It connects us to the subtle impressions of the mind, emotions, the thoughts and beliefs of this amazing journey of life. 




Onyx gives strength when we need it most.  It promotes vigour, steadfastness, and stamina.  Imparts self-confidence, helping you to be at ease in your surroundings.

Rudraksha Beads:

Rudraksha Beads are great for your health, peace & prosperity and dissolves karma & fear. They are used for Spiritual Evolution. Wearing Rudraksha result in the destruction of negative karma from previous births that cause difficulties in the present life.

If you're Interested in learning about the rough orange beads in this mala called Rudraksha's, click here. 



This Mala Necklace is handmade with love from Victoria B.C Canada.

Measures 15 1/2 inches total in length.