• Root Chakra Mala Necklace | Poppy Jasper + Hematite
  • Self-esteem + Problem-solving Mala Necklace | Poppy Jasper + Hematite

Root Chakra Mala


Poppy Jasper is a powerful grounding stone that calms, enhances organizational abilities and encourages creativity. An excellent “worry bead”, Red Jasper calms the emotions & grounds our energy. Metallic Hematite inspires ambition while simultaneously soothing and calming the wearer. Ultimately, this mala will strengthen our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and grounded.




Increases confidence, boosts self-esteem + enhances willpower. Very good at protecting & grounding.

Poppy Jasper:

This grounding stone that strengthens boundaries + calms emotions. It provides insights into challenging situations + promotes problem-solving.

Rudraksha Beads:

Rudraksha Beads are great for your health, peace & prosperity and dissolves karma & fear. They are used for Spiritual Evolution. Wearing Rudraksha result in the destruction of negative karma from previous births that cause difficulties in the present life.



Please note that each end stone is unique and may differ in size and colour.

Each mala is made with a durable string that is perfect for taking on and off or using during your mantra meditation.

Handmade with love from Victoria B.C. Canada.