Aromastone Workshops {DIY Bracelet & Aromatherapy}

Dive into the creative process of combining jewelry and aromatherapy! We will start off this workshop making a lava stone diffuser bracelet with Rachel Hurst of Shanti Collective, then explore the magical world of aromatherapy.

Our sense of smell can be linked to memory and feelings and help us heal many ways. Just as crystals and stones can change our vibrations on a subtle level. Aromatherapy, uses potent high-grade essential oils and can sooth sore muscles, calm the mind and balance our emotions. 

Lava stone will be the main bead we will work with. It is a porous stone that acts as a sponge to store essential oils and defuse the sent for up to 10 hours. Energetically lava stone is one that grounds us to the earth, while instilling power, passion and strong will. Each workshop will be centred around a theme. We will focus the other added stones and specific essential oils around that theme. You will leave this workshops with a new diffuser bracelet and a sample doTERRA oils.