• Chakra Stone Set
  • Chakra Stone Set

Chakra Stone Set


This stone set is perfect for anyone who loves to uncover the magic of the Chakras. Carry one or two of the stones in your pocket each day to provide aid with that specific Chakra or display all of them in a sacred place or altar. 

Stones Used:


Crown Chakra | Clear Quartz or Black Obsidian  | harmony, energy, healing, clarity & calmness
Third Eye Chakra | Amethyst | increase nobility, spiritual awareness, calming & mediation
Throat Chakra | Lapis | inner truth, inner power, intuition, communication & love
Heart Chakra | Green Aventurine | creativity, imagination, balance & deep healing
Solar Plexus Chakra  | Lemon Quartz | optimism, creativity, focus, luck & protection 
Sacral Chakra | Carnelian | courage, self-esteem, harmony, individuality & rebirth 
Root Chakra | Red Jasper | contentment, awareness, balance, grounding & harmony
*Please note* the shapes of stones will vary, they are generally sold as the oval stones seen in first picture. If you prefer one shape, please mention it in the note section at check out.