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Flower of the Sea Mala


This mala features Fossilized Coral, a stone of grounding during times of change. It is also a great aid when one is embracing a more determined and focused side of their personality. Combined with grounding, metallic Hematite and pink grey moonstone, the Flower of the Sea Mala will protect & strengthen one’s emotional foundation while stimulating inspiration, ambition and self-expression.


Fossilized Coral:

Calming + soothing stone that brings you an understanding of what is wrong + how to ground and centre you to the physical plane.


Increases confidence, boosts self-esteem + enhances willpower. Very good at protecting & grounding.


New beginnings, safe travel, abundance, easy childbirth, reminds us that everything is part of a cycle (like the phases of the moon).



Please note that each end stone is unique and may differ in size and colour.

Each mala is made with a durable string that is perfect for taking on and off or using during your mantra meditation.

Handmade with love from Victoria B.C. Canada.