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OM Bracelets

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These single bracelets have been made especially for you. They have special mantras that come with each stone. Read below to read to mantra and stone. 

 The size of each bracelet is a Women's Small.




“I am ready to take action”: is a stone of strength, stamina and self-confidence.


“I am aware of my divine light”: powerfully protective and calming - bring more serenity into our lives. It helps to open our inner vault within, unlocking the door to a higher level of spirituality.

Cherry Quartz:

“ I am growing in gratitude”: brings about the feeling of hope & helps develop a vision for the bigger picture. 



This bracelet is handmade with love. As it is handmade, it can be a little delicate. It is made of durable stretchy string and is made so they can be easily taken on and off for a yoga practice.