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Rainbow Silver & Gold Sage Bracelets



The sets are in order starting on image 2 following group image.The photo depicts each pair of stone set below. You can choose to have the bracelet made in either Silver or Gold plated beads.



1• Rainbow Moonstone + Turquoise:

New Beginnings, Safe Travel, abundance, easy childbirth, reminds us that everything is part of a cycle & Turquoise; Protection, wisdom, balance, strength, friendship and love.

2• Rose Quartz + Pearl:

Unconditional love, self-love, kindness, friendship, romantic love & Pearl; brings about faith, honesty, and peace.

3• Lapis Lazuli + Citrine:

Powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and intellectual ability & Citrine: Happiness, prosperity, creativity, joy, confidence, abundance.

Rudraksha Beads:

Rudraksha Beads are great for your health, peace & prosperity and dissolves karma & fear. They are used for Spiritual Evolution. Wearing Rudraksha result in the destruction of negative karma from previous births that cause difficulties in the present life.


Please note: that the stones on each bracelet may differ in size and colour. These bracelets are designed to fit a little more snuggly to the wrist (with less room to move around), they are quite durable and although they may look small, they have been tested to stretch and fit true to other bracelet sizes. If you would like this to fit with room to move (on the wrist), it's suggested you size up