• The Lover Bundle | $150
  • The Lover Bundle | $150
  • The Lover Bundle | $150
  • The Lover Bundle | $150

The Lover Bundle | $150


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This set is curated as medicine for the heart. We know that a connection to the spirit comes in many ways. For this, The Lover, finds it caring for others or in self-love practices. Each item has stones that will help aid them on where ever the practice takes them.


With this set you will receive:

• A Mala of your choice.

• A Double Wrap Bracelet of your choice.

• A Silver or Gold Sage Bracelet in Rose Quartz & Pearl.

A personal Crystal of your choice.





(found in the Heart Chakra Mala It encourages open + honest communication and speaking what's on your mind and in your heart. Aventurine embodies strength, honors peace and caring for others.

Rose Quartz:

(Found in the Self Love Bracelet,"I am Grounded in Love" Bracelet, Love Mala & Heart Chakra Mala) Unconditional love, self-love, kindness, friendship and romantic love.

Cherry Quartz:

(Found in the Self Love Bracelet, Passion Bracelet & Love Mala )Enhances love and the feeling of euphoria, giving us a view of the bigger picture.


(Found in the Sandalwood & Moonstone ) New beginnings, good fortune & abundance.


(Found in the Bliss Mala ) Protection, wisdom, balance strength, friendship, + love.

Tourmaline Quartz:

(Found in the Bliss Mala Purifies one's own energies and protects from negativity, while Quartz amplifies energies that are focused through it.


(Found in the Bliss Mala , Self Love Bracelet, Love Mala ) Brings about good fortune & success.


(Found in the Heart Chakra Mala ) Transformation, strengthens out will, reminds us of magic all around. Stimulates imagination.

Lava Stone:

(Found in the "I am Grounded in Love" Bracelet)Naturally porous, which makes it an excellent diffuser bead for any essential oil. A stone that is great to ground our energy, plus instill power, passion & strong will.



Each bracelet is made with a durable stretchy string that is perfect for taking on and off, yet comfortable to wear while flowing through a yoga series. These bracelets are handmade with love from Victoria B.C Canada.